Whether you need introductory or upgrading training, ESMOD offers you the opportunity to register for EVENING CLASSES and SUMMER COURSES which will meet all your needs and desire to acquire a better knowledge of the fashion world. 1. Evening classes 2. Summer courses 3. Continuing training and refresher courses


Pattern drafting: 130 hours (approximately) Level I (Beginner) : Basic dress: Learning to make patterns for skirts, trousers and shirts (flat pattern technique). Level II (Advanced) : Tailored suit: Learning to make patterns for suit jackets (flat pattern and draping techniques). Coat: Learning to make patterns for coats (flat pattern and draping techniques). Fashion design: 130 hours (approximately) Level I (Beginner): Learning how to draw Figurines – Color ranges – Products. Level II (Advanced): Designing fashion portfolios: Personal mixed collection (men’s and women’s wear) projects.


Pattern drafting course: 60 hours Basic dress: drafting with the flat pattern technique. Making a garment (to cut and assemble the outfit in fabric). Fashion design course: 60 hours Basic technique: drawing the female figurine. Creation of a fashion portfolio. ‘‘Create your own design” course: 60 hours 2 weeks of fashion design course, followed by 2 weeks of pattern drafting course: Fashion design: creation of a skirt design for creation through pattern drafting. Pattern drafting: the basic skirt – principles of the flat pattern technique; assembly of a skirt.


EESMOD puts at the disposal of enterprises a series of selective refresher courses aiming at meeting specific needs. These courses can be organized either on site or within the school, and cover the following:

Product Training Program

OObjective: To enhance and upgrade aptitudes and performance of technical staff to enable production of a type and/or a range of products. Duration and content will vary according to needs and set objectives.

Lectra system Pattern drafting Training Program

Objective: To train pattern drafters to enable best use of the functions and possibilities made available by the LECTRA SYSTEM and meet the increasing needs of enterprises as concerns the use of computer assisted production schemes.  

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