In addition to pattern-drafting and fashion design courses that constitute the major part of their training program and the core of their future professional career, students benefit from general courses to better understand the business environment and regulatory framework within which they are expected to evolve in the future: culture fashion, textile technology, industrialization, marketing, etc..


Classes are held from Monday to Friday with a twenty hours/week schedule for the single pattern-drafting or fashion design training program and a thirty hours/week schedule for the dual pattern-drafting and fashion design training program.


Students are assessed through a continuous monitoring system resulting in an annual and a year-end examination review averages. The ratio of the two averages should not be less than 10 to pass to the upper class. Remedial sessions may be available under certain conditions. Only students who fulfill relevant requirements will have their Diplomas signed by the competent Ministry. Download Rules of procedures


 School year: September 15 -30 June  School holidays *  Autumn holidays: from 2 to 10 November  Winter Holidays: December 14 to January 2  Study tour “Salon PAP”: January 25-February 2  Spring holidays: from 15 to 30 March 2014  * Valid for the academic year 2013/2014  Holidays *  1 January: New year’s Day 2014  January 14: Mouled and revolution Holidays  March 20: Independence Day  April 9: Day of Martyrs  May 1: Labor Day  July 25: Republic Day  28-30 July 2014: Aid El Fitr  August 13, 2014: Women and Family Day  October 4-5: Eid Adha  October 15: Evacuation Day  October 25: Day of the year of the Hegira  * Valid for the calendar year 2014


Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and few cool rainy days. Because of the humidity, it is recommended to bring warm clothes more suited to a humid climate than to fight against cold. Summers are dry, often very hot and sometimes extend to the end of October. It is therefore recommended to bring summer clothes, preferably cotton made.