ESMOD was founded in 1841 by Alexis Lavigne, Taylor of Empress Eugénie and “compagnon du tour de France". Alexis Lavigne will be remembered as the creator of the first pattern drafting courses, and inventor of the couture mannequin and the supple measuring tape, still considered today as essential work tools in this field. In 1847, Alexis Lavigne started the development of the school at the international level by publishing his manuals in German and English languages. ESMOD has succeeded over time in establishing the most important training institution in the field of fashion industry professions.


The quality of its facilities, the performance of its methods and expertise allowed for the growth of ESMOD at both national (Bordeaux Lyon, Paris, Rennes and Roubaix) and international levels with a network of 22 schools, recording more than 4000 students around the world. All network members operate in close synergy and coordination with ESMOD International and among them to ensure a training that meets best the market needs. For this purpose, ESMOD INTERNATIONAL has established an integrated research Centre that works permanently on education and training adaptation to the changing business, and annual refresher courses are held annually or on the margin of ESMOD International meetings. International meetings take place twice a year and constitute  an opportunity for the review of programs and actions undertaken by  ESMOD schools, future development prospects, methods and training programs, and cross-comparison of students’ works from ESMOD schools throughout the world.